ABOUT US - ComFit Europe Ltd.
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Local Medical Literature specialist in pharmacovigilance

We specialize in reviewing local medical journals with the purpose of pharmacovigilance. The reason for our local literature focus is that 15-70% of medical journals (depending on the country) are NOT available in reference databases, whereas these journals publish 50-80 % of all ICSRs. We believe that by merging several country’s pharmacovigilance literature data in our ComFit database we can effectively support MAHs (Marketing Authorisation Holders) to manage their responsibility of mitigating risks mandated by competent authorities.


monitoring medicine agencies’ work

If you do any activities to comply with regulations, you have to be well-informed about what the competent authorities have done or are doing. In our VigIntelligence service, we carry out daily monitoring of updates in regulatory guidelines, laws and news on the website of national medicine agencies. Users of our data can save time and work while being well-informed without being overwhelmed with information from medicine agencies.

We provide relevant information in excellent quality to our users

  • Our work is qualified with an ISO 9001:2015 certificate, audited by TÜV Rheinland every year since 2011
  • An evidence of our mature work is that audits have pointed no findings in our work. We are over 20 audits and quality visits.
  • validated software database supports our work.
  • We provide transparency on our reviewing and procurement of journals. Our clients can always follow which journal issues are coming, what articles we are working on and easily check that we keep timelines.