Company information - ComFit Europe Ltd.
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Company information

ComFit was launched in 2008 with the aim of monitoring Hungarian medical journals. By monitoring, we mean the analysis of journal contents on the back of 72 aspects. We transform the extracted data into useful information with the help of our in-house developed database, tailored to the needs of our users. Our processing method and ComFit database ensure that our users are supplied with relevant information at any specific time.

In the name of quality and standardisation we acquired an ISO 9001:2015 certificate in 2011 which we renew every year. We are proud of the satisfaction of our clients – all our contracts have been renewed ever since they were first signed.

2016 brought a new phase in ComFit. With venture capital funding we started expansion of the company in Europe. The vision is to create a single European literature database of pharmacovigilance that contain all data from the local medical journals. We apply our standardised and integrated processes in each country. Our distinctive feature is that we offer full transparency on our work. Our users can always check our procurement of journals or reviewing process anytime online. We let them into the back-stage because we are fully compliant with what we agreed upon in the contracts.

The owners of ComFit Europe:


Széchenyi Capital Fund Management Zrt.