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If literature, WHERE to search PV data?

If literature, WHERE to search PV data?

As for literature, GVP says “It is best practice to have selected one or more databases.” (VI. App 2.2. Where to look) It mentions the need to monitor reference databases, local journals and to be attentive to find PV related data in lay and digital media. The challenge in answering the question where to search is how to eliminate duplicates. The same cases coming from different literature sources have to be screened in order to prevent duplicate submissions and double work.

This post is the second in a series. We believe that answering basic questions on search in literature such as what for, which drugs, when etc., can guide us in building an effective literature monitoring system in compliance with GVP. We are going to zoom into seven questions and share our experience how we have successfully answered them at ComFit. Stay tuned!

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